Reviews & reactions



a quite extraordinary work
  and a greatly rewarding experience

JOHN RICHARDS, The Argus (Re Book One)

extraordinary project... both fascinating and absorbing
JESSICA WOOLLARD  Director, Toby Eady, literary agency

the photography and the music is of
  exhibition standard

EVE GOODMAN  Editorial Department, HarperCollins

most tempting package… marvellous material…
  strong ideas

MARK PETRE  Executive, Stacey International

photographs are impressively beautiful…
  this is really special

BOB SILVERSTEIN  Quicksilver Books, agency

two marvellous volumes
SALLY GAMINARA  Director, Bantam Press

front cover and spine

First written reactions from the public

                         Book One
The two of us were rather proud of what we thought was the height of possession, a set of Britannica Encyclopaedias, but your stupendous book has certainly put them in the shade.
Tennyson & Muriel Rodrigo, London, 5/11/01

Superb photos, such a command
of language, excellent layout, etc. The whole book oozes quality.
                                   Bob Atkinson, Edinburgh, 3/11/01

                               Book Two
a truly remarkable achievement of photography, scholarship, industry and ideas... photographs are a real triumph and delight while listening to the CD.
                                               Charles Hill, Old Windsor, 5/11/03